A home study day becomes another SEX DAY


Returning to school can always be a big hassle, it means the end of a good vacation and the freedom to sleep until you feel like it. All the young people seem to be upset except our little blonde, who seems to be quite excited about going back to school to meet her favorite teacher. She is one of those young loves and this little growing fox can’t keep it to herself any longer, so she plans to face the old man and declare her willingness.

Educating oneself in everything related to sexual intercourse

The little slut, who won’t go home without trying to grab her teacher’s dick first, is convinced that no man could resist her charms. After the first day of school was over, she waited patiently for all her classmates to leave the classroom and for the school to be emptied a little bit so she could approach the guy’s desk and talk to him about anything.

It all ends with a happy ending.

As he talks he gets closer and his hand gets closer to the much-wanted penis. He tries to stop her but it’s a little late, she has it hard and she’s passionately putting her mouth closer.

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