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I remember what I just met my girlfriend, I hated video games! Now she loves them, and I love to come home and watch her throne in bed while she plays, there’s something about her when she grabs that remote and gets into the game that makes her look really hot! Well, your hot smoking body smoking, tight T-shirt and sexy pants and socks also help, LOL! Fortunately, as much as my girlfriend likes playing video games, she loves playing with me even more! 

She loves to make fun of me, expose her beautiful tits, pinch and twist her nipples. He undressed his hot pants and socks, knelt down on his knees and started twisting his delicious bubble-shaped ass while I pulled the fabric of his hot pants into the crack of his ass and his wet slit, what a sight! I put them aside so I could rub and touch that delicious and tender trick and she took my hard cock, caressing it as I put it in her mouth, sucking my cock and licking my balls. His mouth felt so good. My dick was about to explode! After that, I lay on the bed, letting her climb up on me, pushing my cock into her wet pussy dripping and riding in a cowgirl position. I love the way he moves his hips and pelvis while straddling me, bending his body backwards, leaning on his arms, pushing his body up and down on my axis. Feeling his juices on my stomach seemed incredible. Her pussy was like a fist while squeezing her vaginal muscles. It was amazing, she squeezed me while I was moving inside her. 

My sexy girlfriend arched her back pushing her delicious ebony tits along with her arms and slowly mounted me slowly moving her hips in wide circles and backward forward and backward, grinding my cock deeper and deeper into her exudate pussy. I love her chocolate brown skin, I love even more the sight of my cock between her lips completely shaved pussy. “It’s your pussy, Ooohhhhhhhhh… All yours… Aaaaahhhhhhh… This is your black pussy, baby “my girlfriend moaned as she swung her head in opposition to her hips as she rocked my white cock. I pushed her towards the edge of the bed, so the top of her body is hanging in the air, her hands on the floor, and the bottom of her body is still in bed. I fuck her hard in this mischievous position and she gropees and caresses her tits. Pretty soon I have her shoulders nailed to the floor, her legs spread wide open, the energy pumping her wet pussy dripping with my hard cock.

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